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V7 Packaging Shrink Sleeves Bottles
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Shrink Sleeves

V7 Office Shrink Sleeves Bottles
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Shrink Sleeve: ( PETG )

PETG – Offers the best scuff resistance, has the highest percentage of shrink ability and easily recyclable. It’s also more stable and readily available. More customers are choosing PETG over PVC because it’s more readily available.

Full-Body Shrink Sleeve Labels Add Packaging Appeal

Shrink sleeve labels maximize the marketing space on your product which allows for more opportunities to impress your customers. They’re extremely effective for adding visual appeal to packaging thanks to their full-body design, especially when paired with a contoured bottle.

Not only do they offer more graphics coverage than regular labels, shrink sleeves are an ideal choice for products that face humid or moisture heavy environments, such as showers and refrigerators. Since the graphics print on the inside of the sleeve, the design does not damage regardless of condensation, friction, or rough handling.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labels

  • Full color, 360° design coverage.
  • Fits most containers and can contour to special shapes.
  • Moisture and abrasion-resistant.
  • No adhesive makes containers reusable.
  • Glossy, matte, and texture finishes available.

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  • Measure:

There are five measurements needed to determine the sleeve size: layflat size, print width, slit width, cut length and print height. To ensure the accuracy of the measurements, customers should send a sample of the container to customer Service to calculate the measurements and run a test sample of the shrink sleeve.