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MPM Sealing Strips

V7 Packaging MPM-Strip
V7 Packaging MPM Strips
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V7 Packaging MPM Strips
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Sealing strips

Currently there are two series of sealing strip films
One is the clear strip film(also called PPP strip), it is extruded from nylon and PE material. Suitable for some low speed filling machine.

The other is a matte sealing strip film( called MPM strip film), it is produced by some special chemical components with excellent barrier property, heat-sealing properties, tensile strength and Elongation. The MPM sealing strip is a special designed material for high speed filling machine.

Good packaging materials not only extend the shelf life of the product, but also increase production efficiency and save costs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Specification of the MPM strip:
Width: 7.5mm
Thickness: 0.08mm
Roll Length: 3400m
G.W.: 2 KGS
Packaging: 8 rolls/carton + Pallet